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who we are

Here’s how much we use Photoshop.

Advertising can be fake, and we’re not about that. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve never digitally altered hair, bodies, or results. (And that goes for extensions, too – we don’t weigh down models’ heads with extensions to make their hair look healthier than it really is!)

From our strand tests to our models, we’re committed to showing you real results on real human hair so you can find the best color for you. Rather than using Photoshop or synthetic hair for swatches, we apply real product to different shades of human hair strands so that you can get an idea of how the color will look on a shade similar to yours – we call it a strand test, and you can read more about how we make those here.

And if you’re wondering what sort of editing we still do, come behind the scenes with us! Our photographer Demi recorded a clip below to share the editing process we use to make our campaign photos as true to life as possible.

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