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Using our platform to promote equality through awareness

Since the establishment of oVertone, it’s been a top priority to not only acknowledge the advantages that allow us to exist, but to also use our platform to promote the intersectional feminist values we’ve deeply embedded within our company culture. As a company, our personal view of intersectional feminism means acknowledging that privilege exists at different intersections of identity, and understanding that those privileges allow us a specific perspective, but also the awareness that others’ experiences are also true and valid.

This time of year, that privilege becomes even more apparent through a romanticized portrayal of the first Thanksgiving. While we celebrate the aspects of the holiday that encourage reflection and time spent with family, we are also hyperaware of the atrocities committed against Native Americans during the colonisation of North America. Those acts of cruelty have since manifested into ongoing racism and oppression directed towards the Native community today.  

Harnessing the platform we are fortunate to have, we consider it an important part of the culture at oVertone to contribute to the reduction and elimination of systemic oppression in underserved communities. One of the opportunities we take full advantage of is participating in an annual tradition of donating 10% of our profits from sales made on Thanksgiving to the Native American Rights Fund (NARF).

The history of NARF is rooted in the establishment of the 1960s era “War Against Poverty.” Many of the people being helped by the government programs were also governed by a little known and barely understood section of the law called Indian Law. 

Today, NARF has four priorities to serve indigeous communities that they dedicate legal resources to:

  • Preserving tribal existence
  • Protecting tribal natural resources
  • Holding governments accountable to indigenous people
  • Developing Indian law and educate the public about Indian rights, laws, and issues

We are extremely proud to be involved with the Native American Rights Fund, and consider it an honor to participate in their organization with this annual program. Consider making your Black Friday Weekend purchase a day early and joining us in this tradition.

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