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oVertone IRL

oVertone Team Tips & Hair Hacks

At oVertone, we’re all about making colorful and healthy hair a breeze for everyone with uncomplicated, easy-to-use products — but there are plenty of ways to get creative and use them to create the perfect hair care routine for you!

A few members of the oVertone staff shared their favorite tips and tricks. Keep reading for new ways to help your hair look its best!

Meet the experts

oVertone team tips & hair hacks

Emily, Marketing

Hair Type: 2B, fine-medium texture

Shanna, Creative

Hair Type: 1B

Favorite oVertone Products: Coloring Conditioner (I can’t pick just one!) + The Remedy For Fine Hair

Alee, Creative

Hair Type: mixed 3B/3C

Favorite oVertone Products: Plumberry Custom Color Kit, The Fader

Izabella, Client Services

Hair Type: 1A, thick

Jenn, Client Services

Hair Type: 1C

Favorite oVertone Products: Extreme Purple Healthy Color Duo, The Remedy, The Fader

Molly, Purchasing

Hair Type: 1, fine

Jae, People & Community

Hair Type: 2C, medium

Custom color faves

“I personally use Extreme Teal and Extreme Magenta to make my ultraviolet indigo.” — Izabella

“Add a bit of Neon Yellow into Pinks, Oranges, Reds and Magentas to give them a neon boost.” — Jae

“Equal parts Ginger and Chocolate Brown makes the most gorgeous fiery auburn.” — Jenn

“Play with ratios! Two colors can give you a whole range of different looks depending on how you mix them. For example, mixing your Plumberry kit with mostly pink and only a little purple will give you a bright, cool fuchsia; using more purple than pink will give you a deep, grape purple instead.”  — Alee

Colorless creativity

“My self-care Sunday routine includes washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo (sometimes the Fader if I’m washing out any color or have extra bad build up), following up with a luxurious 10-15 minutes with the Remedy for Fine Hair, and drying with a microfiber hair towel wrap to maintain my beachy waves.” — Emily

“Co-wash with The Remedy or The Remedy For Fine Hair! Co-washing is the act of washing your hair with conditioner only. I find co-washing cleanses my hair without drying and helps keep my color vibrant longer.” — Molly

“I sleep in The Remedy once or twice a week for a great overnight hair refresh. Apply to wet or dry hair, wrap in a shower cap or 2, place a towel over your pillow and sleep.” — Jenn

“I also apply The Remedy on dry hair and will take a bubble bath (or even clean my house depending on the day!) Once I shower, my hair feels SOOOOOO good. I also put some of The Remedy for Fine Hair in a spray bottle to use as a detangler.” — Izabella

“Forgot your gloves? Use The Fader Shampoo to pull color off your hands!” — Shanna

“Some of our Client Services team uses The Fader as a shade corrector. When a color comes out too strong, a wash or two with The Fader helps give you the shade you’re after.” — Izabella

“Keep a container of the Remedy on hand to dilute other Coloring Conditioners. Only have an Extreme or For Brown Hair color? Dilute with the Remedy to get a more vibrant or pastel look.” — Emily

Hair routine lifesavers

“Get everything you need out prior to starting and lay a towel out on any surfaces so you don’t worry about clean-up after.” — Shanna

“When it’s safe to travel, don’t forget to pack your samples! They’re small enough to be TSA-friendly, and you’ll have enough product for a one-off color refresh on wet hair.” — Alee

“Also, use a scalp massager with The Remedy or The Remedy for Fine hair for a scalp-care experience!” — Molly

“Reuse your Coloring Conditioner tubs! Once they’re empty, they make cute holders for bobby pins, hair ties, and other small objects that can get lost in your bathroom.” — Jenn

*Note: everyone’s hair is different; what works for one person’s individual head of hair may not be totally ideal for another. Adding some of these tips into your routine may involve a little trial and error — if you ever need a hand, be sure to shoot our Client Services team a message!

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