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Now Available at Target: Pink for Brown Hair

Short of a brand-new car, you can pretty much buy anything at Target. And now, our Pink for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner has just earned its place on the mega-retailers shelf.

*Not us giving you yet another excuse to hit your local Tarjay for a therapeutic iced coffee and stroll down the aisles stocking your cart with all the things you never knew you needed.*

So if you’re ready to add a splash of color to your naturally brown hair, swoop by select Target stores or go online at to get this deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair hydrated, soft, and gorgeous! Read on to get the low down on this popular pink deep conditioner.


Our Pink for Brown Hair is a bestseller for a reason. It’s an ultra-hydrating pigmented Coloring Conditioner that will help you achieve your dream hue in as little as 10-15 minutes. The hair-healthy formula is deposit-only, made with only the best ingredients, and the perfect amount of pigment to help elevate your locks with a surge of color and maintain or refresh your gorgeous pink shade.


The poppin’ pink hue of our Pink for Brown Hair renders a lovely universal shade that looks wonderful for all skin tones and all hair types. The warmth of the rosy pink amplifies on light-medium brown starting shades and makes a bold statement without breaking the bank. There is no need for bleach, no harsh chemicals from dye, no trip to the salon, just a hydrating Coloring Conditioner that achieves a vibrant dimension of color while moisturizing your locks.


Not to brag *jk we are* did you know that our For Brown Hair Coloring Conditioners revolutionized the color game for brunettes? Sure did! Pink has always been one of our most popular hair colors, and when our naturally brown-haired friends found out they could achieve this fantasy color on their dark strands, it was game over. I know what you’re thinking — what is this sorcery? Our Pink for Brown Hair is specially formulated with even more pigment so that the color pops on a darker base without the need to lighten first. There is no dark magic here, just a warm pink glow for your gorgeous dark strands.


All hair is good hair, but healthy hair is our thing. It seemed like the next natural step to invent Coloring Conditioners that color your hair while deeply moisturizing. Bold color that leaves your locks hydrated and irresistibly soft? Sign me up, please. Plus, with the help of quality ingredients like shea butter and yummy moisturizing oils, you can achieve that dream color without the yucky chemicals or drying agents you find in typical hair dyes. And just like all of our semi-permanent Coloring Conditioners, Pink for Brown Hair will last 5-15 washes, with results varying depending on hair health, starting tone, and porosity. But fear not! If you use one of our Coloring Conditioners, one thing’s for sure, your hair will be damage-free, deeply conditioned, and pack a serious punch of jaw-dropping pigment.


Here’s how to get the maximum benefits from your Pink for Brown Hair:

STEP 01: Apply to wet or dry hair — we recommend dry hair for maximum color deposit!

STEP 02: Leave on for 10-15 minutes — just enough time to make some tea, see what’s trending on TikTok, and make a snacky snack.

STEP 03: Rinse thoroughly with warm or hot water — not cold water, not even cool water, you choose the temp and stay comfy bestie.

STEP 04: Style as usual — dress it up or down, it’s going to look gorg. Trust us!

STEP 05: Reapply whenever hair feels dry or needs a surge of extra color — it’s really that simple.


In love with your new positively pink shade but dreading the fade? We can help with that. To help maintain and refresh this gorgeous warm hue, we recommend reapplying the Pink for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner weekly. As a bonus, follow up with the Pink for Brown Hair Daily Conditioner after you shampoo as an extra layer of protection to fight fade and maintain your vibrant pink glow.

Ready for that rosy pink hue to grace your dark strands? Grab some hair-healthy color at your local Target store today and get coloring!

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