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Strawberry Lemonade Hair Color with a Twist

If you’re feeling nostalgic for summer lemonade stands, this Strawberry Lemonade custom color will quench your hair’s thirst to tide you over until you can get the good stuff. @jesslemostester mixed a fresh twist on this hair color to give it an extra-sour punch that left our mouths watering, and shared her step-by-step with us so that we could have a taste, too.

Strawberry Lemonade has always been—and will forever be—the epitome of summertime refreshment, and we were desperate to harness that thirst-quenching power for a hydrating hair treatment that’s sweet, sour, and refreshing. Enter: Pastel Pink and Neon Yellow Coloring Conditioner—the magic mix we didn’t know we needed. 

Our Pastel Pink Coloring Conditioner is one of our bestsellers for good reason—it’s a perfect buttery hue of softest pink that isn’t too electric or too bubblegum. Pastel Pink plays well with others, and can be diluted and mixed to lend a soft warmth to the custom color of your dreams. Usually the colors closest to pink on the color wheel mix best—reds and purples, even oranges and yellows. And when we were sure we’d nailed the perfect Strawberry Lemonade mix before; @jesslemostester came in clutch with the perfect sour surge of color.

Our Neon Yellow Coloring Conditioner really is that perfect squeeze of sour lemon juiciness to zhuzh up almost any custom color blend. We’ve always loved it as a hair hack to bring a little bit of electric neon life to fantasy shades, or even as a straight-up sugar rush of neon yellow pigment on platinum hair. But what we didn’t know was that it was the perfect synesthetic rendition of mouth-puckering sourness. 

STEP 01: 

Prep your area for a mess-free, stain-proof experience. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Gloves
  • A black towel, cape, or dedicated hair shirt to cover surfaces and clothing
  • Freshly washed, dry hair

STEP 02: 

Stir that lemonade. @jesslemostester mixes her own Strawberry Lemonade Coloring Conditioner with Pastel Pink and Neon Yellow for a shock of bright, sour color on her platinum hair. Try mixing different ratios of pink and yellow to get that perfect pop of neon—⅔ Pastel Pink to ⅓ Neon Yellow is a good place to start.

STEP 03: 

Using clips or bobby pins, separate hair into sections for easy application. We find it best to start applying color from the bottom layers of hair up to the top, but you do you.

STEP 04: 

Wearing gloves, saturate strands with your hydrating Strawberry Lemonade mix. Grab a coffee / book / Wordly and let color sit for 15-20 minutes.

STEP 05: 

With cool water, rinse hair and squeeze excess water out with a dark towel to avoid stains. These pigments are light enough that you shouldn’t have to worry, but it’s best to be safe.

STEP 06:

Dry and style as usual. Drink up the deliciousness of your hydrated hair.

Like a tall glass of Strawberry Lemonade, this custom shade is everything you need to make a bright, puckering statement. Grab everything you need to create this mouth-watering, refreshing look and tag us @overtonecolor with your color concoctions.

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