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how to use oVertone

How to Use oVertone With Long Hair

By Sophia Ravenna 

Do you have long-hair questions? Well, I have long-hair answers. My name is Sophia Ravenna, and I have all the hair.

Let’s address some common misconceptions: really long hair doesn’t take more maintenance than moderately long hair. Once you reach a certain length, the only real difference is that it takes longer to braid. Since most tangling occurs closer to the scalp (at least on my head), it isn’t any harder to brush or comb. Of course, since there’s more of it, it does tend to catch on/tangle around more things when I wear it down, which brings us to…

How do I wear my hair? People always want me to wear it down all the time, but I live in AZ and let me tell you, when it’s 110 degrees out, having my hair down is like wearing a sweater. No thank you! Between heat and wanting to prevent breakage, most of the time I wear my hair up in a simple nautilus bun (if you don’t already know how to do this style, there are lots of YouTube tutorials). Some people can do this style without securing it, but my hair is just slippery enough that I like to slide a hairstick in to keep it steady.

I also use a nautilus bun when I apply oVertone, so let’s talk about that next. Yes, it takes a lot of product to dye my hair, and it makes a mess, but it can be done! Here’s what you need to know:


How much product? I currently use two colors, and it takes about 1/4-1/3 a jar of each when I do a full color refresh. Because of this, I try to go 2-3 weeks between Coloring Conditioner applications to save my pocketbook! I also make sure to give myself lots of time to apply it, because when I’m rushed I’m more likely to miss a spot, or make a bigger mess in my hurry. Plus I need to make sure I have time to clean up, and to thoroughly rinse out my hair to make sure no product is left behind.

I shampoo every other day, and I use the Daily Conditioner every time I shampoo. I focus most of the color on my roots, then take it down into the length of my hair and make sure my ends get some love, since they need the most conditioning. I use probably about tablespoon of conditioner, maybe a little more or less.

Personally, I choose to stick with Vibrant Orange and Extreme Pink since I can easily apply them over my natural hair color without having to risk damaging my hair with lightening it. If you want to go with a more vivid fantasy color and you aren’t fortunate enough to have natural platinum blonde hair, I definitely recommend going to a professional who will know how to process your hair in the least damaging way. If you have a lot of hair like I do, you may want to consider only dying your ends, or doing highlights or your bangs.

Because of my choice to not process, blow dry, or heat style my hair, combined with regular use of oVertone conditioners, I feel like my hair is actually healthier than it was before I started dyeing it! It won’t stop growing, and at this rate I’m going to move from Lady Godiva territory all the way into Rapunzel-land.

A few other products I’ve found really helpful for my hair are to use a detangler brush and a microfiber towel. These two items make brushing and drying a lot faster and less damaging, so my hair is smoother and I don’t walk around leaving puddles everywhere all day long. The towel is also handy when I’m traveling and don’t want my hosts to get mad when I turn their towels pink!

In closing, let’s address a few other points and get them out of the way:

Do I ever sit on it? Only every time I wear it down.

How long does it take to grow? About a foot a year.

Can you play with it? Only if we’re friends.

Pro Tip: While we think Sophia’s hair looks amazing, we recommend 1/3 – 1/2 of a container per use for both Coloring Conditioner and Daily Conditioner for shoulder-length hair of average thickness.

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