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how to use oVertone

Using oVertone Samples

Want to try out a new color before you take the plunge? Our Daily and Deep Conditioners are a great way to get a sneak peek of a new fantasy color. Here’s how to get the most out of them:

Step one: Pick a color

If you’re new to fantasy color, or new to oVertone, we seriously recommend the sample page (linked above) as your first stop. Starting out with a sample or two instead of full-sized bottles can save you time and money in the long run, especially since we can’t accept returns of product that’s been opened or used. Sampling and then going for full-size conditioners once you’ve found your perfect shade is your best bet!

If you’re eyeing one of our Custom Color Kits, grab a sample of each color in the kit you want.  Itching to try out a combo of your own? Mix-and-match.  Just looking for one color but can’t quite decide which intensity will look best? You can try the same color in Pastel and Vibrant, or Vibrant and Extreme. We have samples of every deep and daily shade we carry – that’s 30 colors to play with.

Step two: Strand test

Our sample sizes are perfect for strand testing.  Unless you are rocking a buzz-cut, it is not enough product to saturate all of your hair and will result in a muted, patchy, or uneven color.  You need to saturate your locks completely  – take a look at this blog post for an idea of how much product you’ll need.

Testing a shade from a Custom Color Kit, or mixing your own with multiple colors? Check out this blog post on how to customize, and try out some of the different options.  You’ll have enough conditioner for a few different tests, so try a few different combinations and see what you like best!

Deciding between different versions of the same color? Test on a couple different strands of hair, and make a mental note of which shade is on which strand.

Not sure how to do a strand test? This blog post will give you a step-by-step how-to!

Once you’ve decided on a color, snag the full version here.

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23 comments on “Using oVertone Samples”

  • Miranda D. says:

    I would like to try a couple samples ( 20 oz bottles of the pastel red and pastel pink to help maintain and revive my rose gold color). I have very thick hair and it’s a bit longer than shoulder length. Are these bottles simply to try strain tests on or is there enough to use on an entire head of hair?

  • Nancy says:

    How easy is it to remove the color to go back to your original. I am a level 9N blonde. I don’t like commitment.

  • Danni says:

    What if you ARE rocking a buzz cut? Will it stain my scalp?

  • Dara says:

    How easy is it to change colors? If I have dirty blonde hair and went with a pastel, would the color ever come out?

  • Diana says:

    I have dark brown hair. I’ve never bleached my own hair. If my stylist colors a portion of my hair with purple or pink, will the daily and/or deep conditioner help the color not to fade so quickly? Will it cause the non-colored parts of my hair to get too dark over time?

  • Alee says:

    Hi Diana, it sounds like oVertone will be a great option to keep the colorful sections of your hair from fading, and if your natural color is a dark brown, our conditioners shouldn’t affect it. Our Color Experts can give you more info and personalized product recommendations if you need that – just send a pic of your current hair and your hair goals to!

  • mleighf says:

    Curious how Overtone would do on hair that has been henna-ed before? Didn’t see that on the FAQ. I haven’t used henna for about 5 or 6 months so it is fading but I know you have to let it grow out before using traditional dyes usually?

  • Lauren says:

    When I was younger I was carrot top red and as I’ve gotten older my hair has faded to more of a strawberry blonde. If I were to use the Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner and possibly dilute it a little with normal conditioner would it give me that hint of orange back?

  • Alee says:

    Hi there – oVertone works great over henna-treated hair! Check out this blog post for a little more info: – and send an email to if you have any other questions.

  • Alee says:

    Hi Lauren, that sounds like a good idea, but definitely check in with our Color Experts to be sure – if you send them a pic of your current hair and a pic of the color you’re looking to get, they’ll be able to give you personalized advice! You can find them chatting live on our site on weekdays from 9-5 AZ time, or you can email them any time at

  • Brooklynn says:

    If I tried vibrant red on a section and realize I don’t like it and then put another color over top is that color going to turn out how it is supposed to?

  • Morgan says:

    I’m wanting to apply the overtone conditioner in either extreme pink or vibrant pink to my natural hair color. It is a medium brown. Not sure which pink would be best to give a rosy gold/mauve look to my hair… Help!

  • oVertone says:

    Hey Brooklyn! You can absolutely add new color over an existing shade with oVertone, but the resulting colour will definitely depend on what shades you use as well as your starting hair color. Send an email to our Color Experts at for the best advice x

  • oVertone says:

    Hey Morgan! On darker hair, we usually recommend our Rose Gold for Brown Hair for a hint of color. For more personalized advice, including how to add some Rosy color to your existing shade, send a pic of your current hair and some inspo pics of the shade you want to our Color Experts at x

  • mary paulis says:

    What does extreme silver do to gray hair

  • oVertone says:

    Results on natural grey hair can be tough to predict, since the strand structure of greys can vary a lot! Your best bet will be to start off with a sample size to see how oVertone works in your hair – if you have any more questions, definitely email our Color Experts at x

  • reba says:

    Hey i’m a first timer and I was wondering if I use this product if it will ruin my natural hair?

  • oVertone says:

    Hey Reba! oVertone contains no harmful chemicals – no peroxide, no ammonia, no heavy alcohols, and nothing that will dry out or damage your hair, even if you leave it on for hours every day. We are all about healing and coloring at the same time, so your hair can stay bright, healthy, and (BONUS) low maintenance. oVertone works on all kinds of hair types, but results definitely depend on the starting colour of your hair – the darker your hair, the less visible colour you’ll see. Our Color Experts can give you personalized advice if you need it – just send a pic of your current hair and your hair goals to x

  • Kristan says:

    I am a frequent buyer of overtone, and usually have extremes red. We have changed it up a little and now I have Sherbet hair. It’s not pink, but it’s not orange either. Lol. Picture that pretty color right before the sun goes down! I am wondering what color(s) I should buy to help with my upkeep in between salon visits?

  • oVertone says:

    Since you’re rocking a custom shade, our Color Consultants would be the best people to ask. Send a pic of your sherbet-y strands to for the best advice on maintaining your salon color! – oVer and out♡

  • Ronnie says:

    Hello. Your product sounds amazing! I’m wondering if you have free samples. I have medium brownish hair. Looking for a punch of color in the red/orange/pink
    area. Pls advise. Thank you very much.

  • oVertone says:

    We have sample sizes of all our colours that you can purchase before buying a full-size product. Keep in mind that our sample sizes are only big enough to do a couple of strand test – they’re not meant to color a full head of hair! They aren’t free samples, but they’re super affordable. Check out our samples here: x

  • Klai says:

    I dyed my 10 year olds brown/black hair with extreme blue deep treatment I do not no how to get the color out I’m scared that it’s going to stay in their for a long time how do I get the dye out PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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