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How to Get Rose Gold Hair at Home


Rose gold hair- the perfect loophole to your dull work dress code.

Just like any color, there are many shades of rose gold.  The lighter your hair, the lighter the shade of rose gold.  You
can get rose gold without platinum blonde hair, our Original Rose Gold will work on all blonde shades, not just platinum.
The darker your blonde, the darker and richer the resulting shade will be.   If your hair is brown, our new
Rose Gold for Brown Hair will work best for you, head over to the post on how to use it
here or peep our strand tests to decide which Rose Gold Deep Treatment is best for you.

(OG Rose Gold on Platinum Blonde, Medium Blonde, Brown and Red from Left to Right)

(New Rose Gold for Brown Hair on Platinum Blonde, Medium Blonde, Brown and Red from Left to Right)

For any shade of blonde, use our Original Rose Gold Deep Treatment. Apply to wet or dry hair, saturate your strands, leave
on for 10-15 minutes and rinse completely, cold water not required.  Original Rose Gold deep treatment on platinum, light,
medium, or dark blonde below (puffballs not included).

Heart is gold, hair is platinum. Photo by

Pretty fucking blonde but not quite platinum? Photo by

The dark side… med to dark blonde. Photo from

Want a richer color than the Original Rose Gold will create with your current hair color? Snag a Vibrant Red Deep Treatment and mix 1 part red to 3 parts rose gold. always test oVertone on a strand of your hair first to make sure you like the color result before applying to your whole head. After strand testing, you can tweak the ratios.  You can always send our support team an email at for more detailed answers about your desired shade of rose gold.  

Be sure to post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #overtone for a chance to be featured.

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One comment on “How to Get Rose Gold Hair at Home”

  • Jess says:

    I’d love some color combinations to achieve a rose gold on lightened brunette hair! Currently going through the process of lightening my ends for an ombre effect, but I don’t know what colors would be best to use to maintain the rose gold when I get there. Would mixing the pastel pink/red do for lightened brunette hair? Or would you recommend other color combos? Thanks!

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