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how to use oVertone

How To Get Peekaboo Hair

Ready for a change, but not ready for anything too drastic? Try out this season’s hottest color trend, PEEKABOO HIGHLIGHTS.

Versatile, low maintenance and easy to achieve, Peekaboo highlights are the perfect way to play with bold shades and fantasy colors. 

Ready to try it out? Here’s how to create the look at home: 

Start by washing your mane.

oVertone Coloring Conditioners work best when applied to clean, dry hair

Plan out your peekaboo.

These kinds of highlights are usually applied to the bottom half (or third) of your hair, but you can also add them to areas that frame your face, or place them only on one side. The choice is yours, babe.

Part and segment your hair.

Use hair clips to pin back the sections that won’t be getting colored. 

If you have dark blonde or brown hair, pre-lighten first.

For bright, super-visible results, bleach the areas you’re adding color to before adding color. If you’re not into pre-lightening, use a For Brown Hair shade on your hair. The results might be subtle, based on your starting color.

Apply oVertone generously to designated areas.

Wear gloves and make sure the section(s) you choose to color will be covered by the top layer of your hair when it’s down. That’s what makes them “peekaboo highlights”, after all.

Let the color sit for 15 minutes.

We suggest passing the time by reading, playing Wordle or fantasizing about your new amazing hairdo. 

Rinse it out.

Use cool or lukewarm water to thoroughly rinse your hair color out, until the water runs clear. Use a dark towel after to avoid stains.

See How Easy It Is IRL

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to create your own peekaboo look at home with oVertone hair color

Need some shadespiration? Shop our 30+ colors or read this blog to find the perfect peekaboo hue.

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