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How @reallyjsmn Keeps Her Coily Hair Hydrated

While we could go on and on about Jasmine Nicole’s (@reallyjsmn) beautiful, coily mane forever, we’d be keeping the oVertone community from learning how she keeps her hair looking this healthy. And while the creator and producer has a long list of accomplishments, when it comes to her hair care routine, she keeps it simple, “I am a lazy natural, so I love and appreciate products that work well and don’t require too much high maintenance.”

Learn more about her and how she keeps her hair simple, healthy, and hydrated:


Jasmine Nicole

About Me:  

Multi-hyphenate creative and producer from Cleveland, OH based in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA

Hair Texture: 

Extremely curly

Starting hair color: 

Dark brown

What Overtone product did you use to achieve your look?: 

The Remedy

Tell us how you used the Remedy:

I was excited to receive the product and unboxed right at my front door! The packaging is cute and minimal! My only prep was to hop in the shower and detangle and section my hair into 4 parts. It makes it easier when dealing with a head full of curly hair like mine to work through in sections!

I worked the mask through my hair, which was divided in sections. It felt great to work it into each section and felt like butter going through my hair, extremely smooth and smelled like it was activated! I worked through every strand of hair! While I was waiting, I used a face mask to make a whole thing out of it! After rinsing, I brushed through my hair with such ease and put it back into sections for manageability while rinsing out the mask.

I styled into a wash-and-go curly fro after doing the mask and my hair felt incredible! 

It had a bounce to it and felt moisturized which is exactly what I was looking for!

To maintain the health of my hair, I tie my hair up at night and gently take it down in the morning with a small amount of jojoba oil on my hands!

What do you like most about the Remedy?  

I really like that the product worked so well on my hair because oftentimes, products aren’t potent enough for thick and curly hair!

What sets The Remedy hair mask apart from other hair masks you’ve used? 

I’m not sure if it’s the ingredients, but the mask really gave my hair great definition and penetrated my hair in a way that a lot of other masks have not!

Ready to see how the Remedy or the Remedy for Fine Hair can make your hair even healthier?

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