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Xicana, Artist, & Activist @youremynirvana’s Hair Color Journey

As we examine what it means for us as a company to be an ally to all marginalized groups, we felt that an active way we can contribute is by lending our platform to underrepresented voices. Luz Miranda (@youremynirvana) is a long-time member of the oVertone community in addition to being a Xicana, feminist, artist, and activist. 

We are fortunate to have her show us how she’s created almost every color of the rainbow on her hair, while also sharing some of her views on colorism in the Latinx community. 

“I remember being a queer high school student trying to find the language to describe myself. I even cut my hair into a pixie cut to challenge femininity. When I found oVertone, I saw hair and color as a combined way to express my queerness. As a Xicana, I find it important to incorporate activism in my everyday life. Not only is being in a master’s program, where I’m beating the odds as a POC, a part of my activism, but I make it a goal to stand in solidarity with social justice movements — both on the ground and the way I choose to use my platform.”

See her amazing color journey on pre-lightened hair here:

Turquoise (discontinued)

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