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Transition From Ruby Red to Bright Orange

Like a beautiful sunset transitioning from warm red to bright orange as it fades beyond the horizon (#poetry), content creator Luz (@youremynirvana) shows us how to shift shades within a color family in the hair-healthiest way possible.  

See how it all went down, and prepare to fall in love with the final results.

The How-To:

Starting Hair Color:

Red for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner over medium brown, highlighted hair

In Between Colors:

To help with the transition, Luz had their hair professionally bleached, resulting in an uneven, light pinkish red tone with yellow-hued bleached roots. Want to fade at home? Use a clarifying shampoo or check out this blog post.

Final Product Used:

Vibrant Orange Coloring Conditioner

Luz’ Thoughts on oVertone: 

Simply amazed by the results! It gave my hair life again and feels amazing! I use the Coloring Conditioner when I need to refresh my color – I do that every two weeks – and the Daily Conditioner any time I wash my hair. If you haven’t tried oVertone, what are you waiting for?”

“To me, oVertone is a leading competitor in the hair care company because it’s simply not a hair dye, it’s a color depositing conditioner. oVertone is also a female owned company that constantly advocates for inclusivity and has proudly voiced support for the LGBGQIAP+ community, gender equality, Native American rights, and human rights for the undocumented. There’s simply no hair care company doing any of this and I am happy to be a part of their family.”

It seems the feeling is mutual, and we couldn’t be happier to have Luz as a part of the oVertone community. If you’re looking to create a similar color, start by grabbing Vibrant Orange today.

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