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Customized, Curl-Friendly Color

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer (@itslololove) might have short curly hair, but her resume of impressive feats is just the opposite. As a disability lifestyle influencer, creator, actor, model, and speaker, it’s clear that Lolo needs a haircare routine that fits into her busy schedule. So, after enlisting the help of stylist Kelly Wood (@kellywxxd) to initially apply her custom color, Lauren keeps it maintained at home with her quick, easy, and curl-safe oVertone routine.

See how Kelly created the gorgeous one-of-a-kind, curl-safe style, and then learn a little bit more about Lolo below.

Recreate Lolo’s Look  

Colors used:

Extreme Magenta

Extreme Purple

Vibrant Magenta

Vibrant Purple

How To: 
  • Trim off previously bleached hair to maintain the health of hair before re-bleaching.
  • Apply bleach, let process, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Color:
    • Apply Extreme Purple at root, blend.
    • Next, apply Extreme Magenta, blend.
    • Apply Vibrant Magenta, blend.
    • Apply Vibrant Purple, blend.
  • Let set for 10-15 minutes, rinse.

Get To Know Lolo


Lauren “Lolo” Spencer

About Me:

I’m a Disability Lifestyle Influencer, Actress, Model, Public Speaker and Content Creator


Los Angeles, CA

Starting hair color and texture:

Black and curly

Why oVertone?

oVertone has the best vibrant, lasting colors that don’t dry out your hair

What made you choose your specific products, and what was your #hairgoal?

I’ve always used oVertone to color my hair, and it’s super easy to use even if you’re not a professional hairstylist. My #hairgoal was to do an ombre from purple to magenta. 

What do you like about using oVertone?

The vibrancy of the colors and how easy it was to use. 

Did you bleach to achieve your current color?


What’s your typical hair care routine?

I use a leave-in conditioner and oil every day, and I sleep on my satin pillowcases.

How does your hair help you feel like you?

My hair is part of my branding and a symbol of my free-spirited nature. Love oVertone!!!

Feeling inspired by Lolo’s look? Try out your own version asap. 

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