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How To Get Lolo’s Custom Hair Color

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer (@itslololove) has short hair, but her list of impressive feats is loooooong. As a disability lifestyle influencer, creator, actor, model and public speaker—Lolo’s busy schedule calls for an easy, stress-free, time-saving curly hair routine. So we enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Kelly Wood (@kellywxxd) to hook her up with a curl-friendly custom hair color regime that’s super easy to refresh and maintain at home.

Watch the video below to see how Kelly created her gorgeous one-of-a-kind color and style, and read on to learn more about Lolo below.

Create Your Own Custom Hair Color

What You’ll Need

Lighten & Prep

  • Trim previously bleached ends before lightening.
  • Apply a gentle bleach, let it process for the recommended amount of time and rinse hair thoroughly.
  • Shampoo hair with a PH-balanced cleanser, then rinse and air dry or blow dry hair.
  • When hair is dry, prep your workspace for color.

Get Lolo’s Curly Color

  • Apply Extreme Purple at root and blend.
  • Next, apply Extreme Magenta and blend.
  • Apply Vibrant Magenta and blend.
  • Apply Vibrant Purple and blend.
  • Let your custom color sit for 15-20 mins, then rinse with lukewarm water until water runs clean
  • Dry, style and show off your new, colorful ‘do

Learn Why Lolo Loves oVertone


Lauren “Lolo” Spencer

About Me

I’m a Disability Lifestyle Influencer, Actress, Model, Public Speaker and Content Creator


Los Angeles, CA

Starting hair color and texture:

Black, curly

Why do you use oVertone?

I’ve always used oVertone to color my hair, it doesn’t dry out my hair—even if you’re not a professional hairstylist. I always love the vibrancy of the colors and how easy it is to use. 

What was your hair goal?

My #hairgoal was to create a purple and magenta ombre look.

What’s your typical hair care routine?

I use a leave-in conditioner and oil every day, and I sleep on my satin pillowcases.

What does your hair mean to you?

My hair is part of my branding and a symbol of my free-spirited nature. Love oVertone!!!

Feeling inspired by Lolo’s look? Create your own version asap. 

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