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How I Did It: A Silver Shift with Molly Burke

If you’ve been following oVertone for a while, you probably know Molly Burke already. But, if you haven’t yet crossed paths with the inspirational content creator, we’ll let her fill you in on her extensive resume: “I’m a blind YouTuber, Motivational Speaker, and Author. I’m Canadian but currently live in LA with my amazing guide dog Gallop! I love glitter, fashion, sushi, and all things fluffy!”

Molly let us in on her Magenta journey a few months ago, and is back to show us how she shifted her silver shade with Pink Toning Conditioner. Molly’s thick, straight hair is naturally brown, but after working with a professional stylist, she hasn’t seen that color “for about 2 years now.”

To achieve her goal of a dark blue-toned gray shade on her green-silver starting shade, Molly reached for the Pink Toning Conditioner to neutralize undertones, and Vibrant Silver and Pastel Purple Coloring Conditioners to begin the shade transition. “I wanted to tone out some of the green undertones in my hair, so I used the new Pink Toning Conditioner to do so. I then wanted to darken up my light silver to a deeper, more cool-toned look and did so by mixing the vibrant silver with pastel purple to cool it down a bit.”

After applying her custom color, Molly elaborated on why she continually chooses oVertone for her ever-evolving look, “I’ve tried other products that claim to condition and color hair but they ALWAYS dry my hair out. oVertone actually provides a lot of color while leaving my hair feeling like I used a good deep conditioning mask. I don’t have to pick between good color or good hydration, I get both, which I’ve never found in one product before.”

How Molly Did It:

  • Neutralize green undertones with Pink Toning Conditioner
  • Mix 4 parts Vibrant Silver Coloring Conditioner to 1 part Pastel Purple Coloring Conditioner with 1 part colorless conditioner (we suggest The Remedy)
  • Section hair and apply, saturating thoroughly
  • Rinse & style

See the before, during, and after here:

Inspired by Molly? Grab everything you need to mirror her shade, right here:

Pink Toning Conditioner 

Vibrant Silver Coloring Conditioner

Pastel Purple Coloring Conditioner

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