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Ways to Choose Your Ideal Hair Color

Looking to try a new hair color, but not sure what shade to pick? We get it! With 40+ oVertone shades to choose from, making a final decision can be tough (especially if you’re new to hair color). So to make it easier, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips.

Current hair color starting shades

Your current hair color is key


The lighter your hair is, the more options you have! If you’re starting with platinum or light blonde, you’ll need to decide how intense you want your results to be. Looking for something subtle? Try one of our Pastel Coloring Conditioners. Feeling bold? Achieve a head-turning, vivid shade using one of our Vibrant or Extreme Coloring Conditioners.

Middle of the road:

Medium blonde to light brown? “Extreme” is the name of the game — these shades will make the biggest difference on these starting hair colors! Vibrants may add a slight tint, but the more pigment, the better! 

Medium to dark brown:

Choose one of our specially formulated For Brown Hair Coloring Conditioners.

As its name suggests, these highly-pigmented shades were made to enhance darker hair without the need to pre-lighten or bleach. Try one of these multidimensional colors for a subtle tint indoors, and a brighter, bolder look in direct sunlight!

With a whole rainbow of colors to choose from — Rose Gold, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, and Green — you’re bound to find a hue that’s made for you.

Check out this post for a closer look at the best shades for brown hair!

undertones of your hair

Know your undertone

Next question to consider: are you looking for a cool color (like Blue, Purple, or Silver) or a warm one (like Red, Rose Gold, Orange, or Yellow)?

 Warm colors are ideal for any undertone, but if you are looking to transition from a warm hue to a cool-toned shade, we recommend toning your hair with one of our Toning Conditioners first. 

Not sure what we mean? Check out this deep-dive into understanding your hair’s undertones, and this one for a guide to toning your hair!

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