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Now at Target: Our Game-Changing Purple for Brown Hair Conditioner

In case you haven’t visited your local Target, our Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner, is now on shelves at select stores and online at So run, don’t walk, to scoop up this bestseller that’s formulated to impart a gorgeously subtle amethyst hue on naturally brown starting shades — no bleach required. But before you take the color plunge, read on to find out why there’s even more to love about Purple for Brown Hair.

Subtle Inside, Bright in the Light

Arguably one of our most dynamic shades, Purple for Brown Hair yields best results on those with light-medium brown starting colors. It’s one of those colors that let’s brown-haired baddies walk on the wild side while still maintaining an air of subtly. In direct sunlight, Purple for Brown POPS as light reflects off of it, while inside, it appears more subdued. If you have blonde highlights or balayage incorporated into your hair, the results will be more true to a “bright purple” result on those strands in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Made Specifically for Brown Hair

Before Purple for Brown Hair showed up on the market, no fantasy color existed that catered to people with darker starting colors. Specifically, those who wanted a playful shade, but didn’t want to bleach to get the job done. Purple for Brown Hair has all the brightness of our Extreme Purple shade (recommended for blonde and lighter hair for true color results), but is formulated with even more warm pigments to make it pop on a brown base.

0% Damage, 100% Colorful

Because Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioners are made with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and moisturizing oils, the limit does not exist for how often you reapply. There are no harsh chemicals or drying agents you’d find in most at-home hair dyes. Like all of our semi-permanent Coloring Conditioners, Purple for Brown Hair will last 5-15 washes (results vary depending on individual factors). But if you want the boldness to stick around, we recommend reapplying the Coloring Conditioner weekly for a surge of pigment, and using the Purple for Brown Hair Daily Conditioner after each time you shampoo to fight fade. 

Ready to add to cart? Head to your local Target store today and add a little color to your strands! 

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