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How Long Does oVertone Last?

We get this question a lot and in many different forms. Here’s the tricky part: the answer is, “it depends.”

With semi-permanent pigments, staying-power is subjective. Color longevity will be different from person to person depending on things like starting shade, porosity (a.k.a hair’s ability to absorb things), oVertone product used, and number of applications. One thing to note is that oVertone is not meant to be a one-wash and the color is gone type of deal. Results can range from washes-out-in-a-week to never-coming-out-completely-without-bleach. So you can see why there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Unless you want us to lie to you (which is not how we roll) we can’t give you a concrete timeline for how long oVertone colors will last on your very unique head of hair. What we CAN do is give you the tools to answer this loaded question on your own. Here’s how to determine oVertone’s individual staying power before taking it all the way:


Grab a sample size Deep Treatment in your desired color and apply to a small, discrete strand of hair. If you’re trying to decide between intensities, test two strands! Rinse and style as usual. Consider this a trial run of your new hair color (kind of like wearing a temporary tattoo until you’re 100% ready for the real thing).


The next time you shampoo your hair, take note of the fade factor. Is the color slightly lighter? Is it down to a mere whisper? Semi-permanent pigments will fade progressively with each wash, especially if using a clarifying or chelating shampoo.

TIP: If you’re looking to fade your hair on purpose in preparation for a color change, here’s how to do it safely and effectively.


After several washes, you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of oVertone’s staying power and your chosen shade’s commitment factor. Again, results will vary wildly depending on the state of your mane and color intensity chosen. A natural blonde with low-porosity who uses Pastel Purple one time will have a much more low-commitment color situation on her hands than a bleached, highly-porous blonde who has used Extreme Purple several times.

As a middle of the road example, here’s one application of our Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment applied to bleached platinum blonde hair. The hair was washed with sulfate-free shampoo and as you can see, was still going strong after 20 washes.


So there you have it. Our final answer is, “it depends.” We understand it’s not the immediate gratification our internet generation is used to but it is the truth. The good news is that if you don’t want your hair color to fade, you’ve come to the right place! You can use oVertone as often as you want and it will never damage one hair on your head.

Did a strand test but still wanna talk it out? Our color consultants can help determine your best color fit. Just email them a selfie taken in natural light (no filters please) and they’ll set you on the right path with expert advice.

Want to learn more about choosing the best oVertone Coloring Conditioner for you? Check out this video!

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