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The Fader Shampoo FAQ

Looking for more info about The Fader Clarifying Shampoo? You’ve come to the right place. We put together a quick Q&A to help clarify what The Fader Shampoo is, how it works, and more. 

What is The Fader Shampoo? Great question. It’s the first and only clarifying shampoo created to help you gently fade your semi-permanent shade every time you wash.

The Fader Shampoo gently fades your semi-permanent shade while deeply cleaning your hair and scalp. We recommend using it when you’re transitioning shades (think shifting back to your natural hue or going from blue to purple)!

How do I use it?

  1. Wet hair thoroughly and lather a quarter-sized amount between palms. 
  2. Lather through sections of the hair where color removal is desired, making sure to work The Fader Shampoo evenly from roots to ends for best results. 
  3. Let shampoo sit for about a minute. 
  4. Rinse thoroughly. 
  5. Follow up with a Coloring Conditioner or a conditioning treatment like The Remedy for maximum hydration.

How long will it take to fade my shade?

It depends. Results will vary based on your current shade and hair porosity. Certain colors fade faster than others. You’ll see faster results with cooler shades and For Brown Hair hues.

Yes! The Fader is formulated with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to gently clean and nourish hair and scalp.

While The Fader can also be used on hair colored with other products, we can’t speak to how quickly or how much it will fade the color since our shampoo was designed with oVertone semi-permanent color in mind specifically.

What makes The Fader Shampoo different?

The Fader Shampoo isn’t like other clarifying shampoos for a few reasons.

1. It gradually fades color while gently deep cleaning your hair and scalp.

2. It’s formulated with plant-based cleansers and hair-healthy ingredients that replenish moisture, promote hair growth, and prevent unnecessary damage.

Get the full list of ingredients here.

Can I use this every day?

The Fader Shampoo was created to be gentle on all hair types but it is a clarifying shampoo, which means dryness can occur when overused. We recommend that you use it only when you’re transitioning shades (or shifting back to your natural hue) and to always follow The Fader with a high-quality conditioner or conditioning mask like The Remedy to replenish tresses and add moisture.

Learn more about The Remedy.

Is The Fader Shampoo kid-safe?

The Fader Shampoo is suitable for kids. However, we do recommend supervising younger children to help ensure even results and safe, proper use.

Yes, our Toning Conditioners contain semi-permanent colors which can be faded with The Fader Shampoo.

Can I use The Fader Shampoo after bleaching my hair?

We recommend waiting about 2 weeks before using The Fader Shampoo (or any other shampoo) on freshly-bleached hair. Like most clarifying shampoos, the Fader will remove any hair dye or deposit on the hair, so it may cause any post-bleach toner you’ve used to fade. Also, it’s no secret that bleaching dries out your strands, so we recommend not shampooing your hair every day to maintain natural oils to help with dryness. Bleached hair in particular can benefit from deep conditioning, so following The Fader with the Remedy or The Remedy for Fine Hair is highly recommended.

Will I need to tone my hair after?

It’s always a great idea to start with a neutral base. If you’re going to tone, be sure to follow up with one of our Toning Conditioners to balance out unwanted warmth or coolness  before applying your next shade. 

Need help selecting the right Toning Conditioner? Read this.

Absolutely! The Fader Shampoo is great for all hair textures. It’s free of silicone, parabens, and ammonia and formulated with nourishing, plant-based ingredients that are 100% curly-hair friendly.

Does The Fader Shampoo work on wigs and extensions?

You bet. Just apply to desired sections and lather The Fader Shampoo through the hair, working from roots to ends for even color removal. Results will vary.

Is The Fader Shampoo ok to use on relaxed hair?

Just to be safe, we recommend speaking to your hair professional first.

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