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Switching from Dye to oVertone with Valerie Quintanilla

When we asked Valerie Quintanilla if she wanted to switch up her normal color routine and give oVertone a try, she was game. Ready to try something different to achieve her signature red hair color, she opted for Ginger Coloring Conditioner and the rest is history. Read on to find out a little more about Valerie and watch how her final color turned out

Name: Valerie Quintanilla

Instagram Handle: @nikoleejackson

Age: 28

Location: San Antonio, TX

About: Fashion/Beauty vlogger who LOVES hair!

Pronouns: She/her

Hair Type: Wavy

Q: What does your hair represent to you?

A: It is my identity and showcases who I am on a daily basis. It makes me feel sexy and unique! My fiery red hair makes me stand out.

Q: Tell us about your transition from your previous hair dye to oVertone. How did you do it?

A: I used The Fader Clarifying Shampoo to remove my previous rose auburn color and used the Ginger Coloring Conditioner to refresh my faded look.

Q: How did you like the end result?

A: The Fader did what it claimed – it faded out my older hair color. After I applied the Ginger Coloring Conditioner, the color is super vibrant after 10 minutes and way softer. I love how soft it was.

Want to watch Valerie transform her faded dye into a fiery oVertone masterpiece? Watch the video!

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