Hair Tutorials

Braids, split tones, ombre, loose waves — you name it, we’ve got a how-to for it.? Our hair tutorials are here to help you learn everything from styling to how to color hair at home.

hair tutorials

Color & Style With Beachwaver Creator Sarah Potempa

Since it’s officially summer, we felt there was no one better than Beachwaver creator Sarah Potempa (@sarahpotempa) to show us how to create effortlessly easy, perfectly pink beachwaves. Starting with KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Icy Blonde With Lexi Brumback

Lexi Brumback’s long, blonde hair is almost as well known as the mind-blowing tumbling passes she nails on ‘Cheer’. And while both require attention to maintain, one is just a KEEP READING

hair tutorials

How To Choose The Right Toning Conditioner For Your Hair

Remember the color wheel? The one from kindergarten that helped you learn about primary colors and combining colors to make new ones? Well it turns out that the color wheel KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Brassy Hair: What Causes it and How to Get Rid of It

We here at oVertone are passionate about color theory, which is why we are super excited by our latest additions: meet our Toning Conditioners. If you’ve ever left the salon KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Red Shade Substitutes

We know it’s important to keep your hair maintained while you’re waiting for the Red shades to return, so we put together some options to keep your color looking fresh.  KEEP READING