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oVertone’s Co-founders Show Their True Colors

Here at oVertone, we’re perpetually inspired by the amazing things people do with our products, so it comes as no surprise that two of our biggest inspirations are our co-founders, Liora Dudar and Maegan Scarlett . In fact, we love their current custom colors so much, we put together a how-to so you can recreate oVertone’s OGs at home.

Liora’s Custom Blend: 

Pastel Blue Coloring Conditioner + Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner

Liora keeps it icy cool by applying Pastel Blue Coloring Conditioner to her entire head and maintaining just her roots with Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner.

Co-founder Maegan Scarlett uses Extreme Pink & Extreme Yellow Daily Conditioners combined with The Remedy For Fine Hair

Maegan’s Custom Blend: 

Extreme Pink Daily ConditionerExtreme Yellow Daily Conditioner, and The Remedy For Fine Hair

Maegan keeps her color bright by maintaining it with three parts Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner, one part Extreme Yellow Daily Conditioner, and half a tub of the Remedy For Fine Hair. If you’re looking to copy Maegan’s color, start with the same ratios and shades, just sub out the Daily Conditioner for the Coloring Conditioner.

Ready to re-create one of their looks, or maybe just go rogue and make your own blend? Do it! But then also let us see it by tagging us @oVertonecolor and using #ShowerAndTell. 

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