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How To Maintain Your Hair Color In The Summer

If you’ve been maximizing your time outside or going for a swim, we can’t blame you. The only downside to spending so much time outdoors is the possible decline of your hair health.

If you’re seeing your shade start to fade, finding chlorine green in your blonde, or feeling an overall lack of shine and moisture, don’t worry; we have a solution for every summer hair problem.


Keeping your hair properly moisturized gets a lot harder when you spend more time in the water or frequently expose it to the sun. Not unlike your skin, the sun can cause real damage to your hair if not properly prevented. Treating your hair to a hydrating mask like The Remedy or The Remedy for Fine Hair can heal existing damage and prevent dryness and breakage in the future.

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If you’ve finally achieved the color you’ve been working for, the last thing you need is to watch it fade faster than a summer sunset. Our best piece of advice is to keep your color maintained before it starts to fade with our Daily Conditioners. If your color has taken a significant turn, reapply your Coloring Conditioner to give it a full refresh.

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Unwanted Undertones:

Sun, chlorine, and heat can all contribute to shifting the color of your hair—especially if you have pre-lightened portions. If you’re noticing greenish tones from spending time in the pool, or yellow and orange brassy tones from the heat, just grab a Toning Conditioner and head for the shower. Not only will it correct and refresh your color, but it will also leave it even healthier.

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Seeing a combination of summer hair color concerns? Don’t be afraid to stock up on any or all of our products from each different product category—they’re all made to work together to leave your hair colorful and healthy. 

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