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How To Enhance Your Red Hair With oVertone

If you’re part of the 2% of the population with naturally red hair, congrats! Not only is your color uniquely beautiful, but it’s also the only natural color that never goes grey. And because red isn’t a one-size-fits-all color, the oVertone product that fits your needs will also vary. 
So whether you’re looking for something to brighten up your strawberry blonde, enhance your auburn, or make your ginger a little more multidimensional, we can help! And remember, unlike most traditional boxed dyes, oVertone won’t damage your natural texture or strip your natural color. In fact, it’ll leave your red hair stronger, shinier, and brighter than ever!
Natural Shade:

Dark Auburn

Recommended Product(s):

Vibrant or Extreme Magenta, Red, or Orange Coloring Conditioner

For the darkest of the natural reds, we recommend adding either Vibrant or Extreme intensities of our Magenta, Orange, or Red Coloring Conditioners shades to make your mane glow.

@sarahwinesalot enhances her red with Vibrant Orange Coloring Conditioner

Natural Shade:


Recommended Product(s):

Vibrant Red, Orange, or Yellow Coloring Conditioner

If you’re looking to bring out the red in your borderline brown, Vibrant Red, Orange, or Yellow should be your go-to. These shades will help you keep the heart of your color, but add enough pop that people will be asking if you did something different with your hair.

@seaofshoes enhances her red with Vibrant Orange Coloring Conditioner

Natural Shade:

Classic Red

Recommended Product(s):

Vibrant or Extreme Red

This might be the most iconic shade of red when people think “redhead.” Because of that, we suggest you keep it simple by adding intensity through our Vibrant or Extreme Red to keep your classic color intact.

@christineschumann_ enhances her red with the Copper Kit

Natural Shade:


Recommended Product(s):

Copper Kit (Extreme Orange & Vibrant Red)

Have a hybrid red? Ginger’s red and golden blend is the perfect match for the Copper Kit. Mix one to one ratios of Extreme Orange and Vibrant Red to make the multidimensional elements of your hair even bolder. 

Natural Shade:

Strawberry Blonde

Recommended Product(s):

Pastel Yellow, Red, Orange, Pink, or Original Rose Gold

This sweet color can only get better by bringing out the undertones that make it so unique. With hints of pink, orange, yellow, and red, washing in any of the Pastel versions of those shades or going with Original Rose Gold will truly make them come to life.

Ready for a twist on your red? Shop these shades now and make your one-in-a-million color even more exclusive.

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  • Kathy says:

    THANK YOU so much for this info!! Being a natural redhead is super cool but also can be scary when you want
    to add a little something, brighten it or change it up. EVEN if you read a bottle of RED HAIR COLOR dye it doesn’t say what
    or how a NATURAL redhead should use it.

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