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Hair Diaries: Transitioning Shades with Demi Lucero

While some people might think of oVertone as a haircare company that specializes in helping people create the fantasy color of their dreams, we’re also pretty good at transitioning hair the other way — from vivid colors to something more similar to the color you were born with.

To show you how simple it is to switch up your shades, we asked content creator Demi Lucero to tell us how she pulled off her seamless transition from bold fantasy color to a more subdued, multidimensional hue.


Demi Lucero

About Me:

I am a 27 year old sobriety blogger!


Salt Lake City, Utah

Natural hair color and texture:

My natural hair color is brown (with a few greys here and there ;). My texture is frizzy and wavy.

What made you choose to transition your shade?

I have always been a DIYer when it comes to hair. I had always wanted orange hair and through a process of bleaching and using oVertone’s Orange shades, I was able to achieve that. I am actually getting married next week on Halloween so I wanted to have my natural hair color back for photos. I had always known that oVertone had a wide array of vibrant fun colors but then realized they also have more natural shades which is AMAZING. Since I had such a great experience with oVertone in the past, I wanted to give it a try!

Tell us how you transitioned your color.

So, if I am being honest, when I first went from orange to brown, I used a box dye from the drugstore. I know this is TERRIBLE for your hair and I got to see quickly just how bad it was. My ends were so dry and falling off and my hair was visibly dead. Not to mention the color was fading quick and didn’t really cover up all of the previous red tones. I was actually super insecure about it and that’s when I decided to order oVertone Espresso Brown. I remembered how soft it had made my hair in the past and was hoping to achieve that again. I didn’t have high hopes because my hair was a lot more damaged this time around, but to my surprise my hair was EXTREMELY soft after only one use. AND it covered up all of the previous red tones.

What was the biggest difference between oVertone and boxed dye?

Like I said, I’ve dyed my hair myself for years. Box dyes are so drying and can cause a lot of damage. oVertone’s Coloring Conditioner is so thick and luxurious and makes my hair so soft and beautiful. It brings it back to life!

Did you bleach before using oVertone? 

No, I covered my bleached orange hair with Espresso Brown Coloring Conditioner and it worked beautifully!

What’s your typical hair care routine? 

I use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for colored hair, a detangler/leave in conditioner for after the shower and I use oVertone at least once every couple of weeks whether it be the Coloring Conditioner or the Daily Conditioner.

What does your hair mean to you?

To me, hair is a form of expression. I like being able to change my hair depending on my mood or depending on the season of life I am in.

What have you learned from your oVertone hair journey?

I will likely only use oVertone from now on. I have tried so many other hair dye brands and this is the only one that keeps my hair feeling healthy!

Whether you’re ready to switch things up with a fantasy color, or you’re looking for something more neutral, transitioning your hair with oVertone is incredibly easy and way healthier than any other method you can imagine. What are you waiting for?

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3 comments on “Hair Diaries: Transitioning Shades with Demi Lucero”

  • Ginger Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am tired of hair dye. It’s making my hair thin. This has helped me. I hope your wedding is amazing. You are so beautiful.

  • Thetrojanprince says:

    Cool blog

  • Staci Myers says:

    I love love love this product! I’ve been using the extreme purple complete set. My hair was 3 different colors grey around my face, gold on top and dark brown underneath and now my hair colors are wonderful 3 different shades of purple!

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