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Going Through the Rainbow With @kellimarissa

At oVertone, we love seeing how creative our community of fearless color lovers can get with our Coloring Conditioners. That’s why we sat down with Content Creator Kelli (@kellimarissa) to hear all about her recent journey through the rainbow, using nothing but oVertone.

How It Started

Hair color has always been a huge part of my personal creative expression. I started coloring my hair at the ripe old age of fourteen and now, fifteen years later, I’m still going strong (although thankfully, I’ve got better taste in color combinations now than I did back then 😆). 

In the beginning of 2019, I went through a pretty exhaustive process at the salon to lighten my dark brown hair enough to give me bright fuchsia shade with rainbow highlights. I loved the color, but after thoroughly depleting my bank account and realizing how much lightening had damaged my hair, I decided it was time to take a break from going to a professional Colorist.

Color #1: Extreme Red

Extreme Red coloring conditioner on hair

Now, I’ve been using oVertone for years – I first discovered them back in 2016 – but I’d only ever used the Coloring Conditioners as upkeep for my salon dyed hair, never to actually change my color. 

I wasn’t sure it would work, but since I owned the deep conditioner in every color, I decided on a whim to try the Overtone Extreme Red Conditioner over my fuchsia hair.  It was PERFECT! The red even managed to cover my rainbow highlights. 

This new discovery gave me a brilliant idea – since my hair needed a break from the bleach to get healthy again (and my wallet needed a break from the salon prices), I thought I’d try an experiment using only oVertone Coloring Conditioners to change my hair color. I figured the easiest way to do that would be to go through the rainbow – perfect timing since I already started with red!

Color #2: Extreme Orange

Extreme Orange coloring conditioner on hair

 I wasn’t too keen on damaging my hair again with lightening agents. After I grew bored of the red, I tried a drugstore color remover to pull out the color. This process turned my hair into a very funky shade of orange that lasted about one week before I decided I hated it. 

Thankfully, oVertone saved the day with The Fader Shampoo! I did two rounds of shampooing my red to fade the vibrance out, so I could transition to orange. This time, I used the Extreme Orange Conditioner and I’m glad to say, I really enjoyed the orange hair color this time around!

Color #3: Extreme Yellow

Extreme Yellow Coloring Conditioner on hair

After orange, I moved onto the Extreme Yellow Conditioner for my next stop in my rainbow venture.

Color #4: Extreme Green

Extreme Green Coloring Conditioner on hair

After that, Extreme Green came next. I was surprised that it managed to work over the yellow on the first try, without removing the color first!

Color #5: Extreme Teal

Extreme Teal Coloring Conditioner on hair

Since my green was still pretty yellow-toned, I decided to try the Extreme Teal next, and this resulted in a gorgeous blue-green hue over my existing green.

Color #6: Blue for Brown Hair

Blue for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner on hair

By this time, I was starting to see more about the Overtone “For Brown Hair” line, and since my natural dark brown was growing in fast, I thought I’d try the Blue for Brown Hair Conditioner over my whole head next. It covered my roots so well and created a really seamless transition between my natural color and the bleached ends. 

Color #7: Purple for Brown Hair

Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner on hair

Finally, I moved onto the Purple for Brown Hair Conditioner to complete my adventure through the rainbow. 

Healthy Hair in Every Shade

Rainbow hair journey

The whole process was done over the course of about a year, with no bleach or professional salon visits! Since then, I’ve toyed with the idea of circling the color wheel again. 

I’m so glad I have oVertone products to help me continue my creative expression while keeping my hair (and wallet!) happy and healthy. And I’m excited to work my way through the rainbow again! 

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