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Dilution: The Custom Color Solution

With a Pastel, Vibrant, Extreme, and For Brown Hair shade in almost all of our Coloring Conditioners, it’s safe to say that you have options when choosing your next hair color.

But the beauty of oVertone Coloring Conditioners is that the customization options are virtually endless: by mixing a little of The Remedy into any shade, you can achieve almost any vibrancy on the spectrum. Custom hair color? Yes, please.

Let’s talk dilution.

 If Healthy Hair Color is the name of the game, the rules are: being empowered to control the vibrancy of your shade. The good news is: it’s as easy as mixing equal parts The Remedy with any Coloring Conditioner to dilute to your desired shade.

Image of Pastel Pink Coloring Conditioner on a pink background next to an image of The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask on a tan background

If you have:

Bleached or naturally blonde hair that holds on to color, and you’re looking for a subtle hue; try diluting a Pastel shade for just a hint of color. Pastel Pink Coloring Conditioner diluted 1:1 with The Remedy gives a nice cherry blossom tint to blonde hair.

Image of The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask, Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner, and a close up of the mixture on a strand of hair, which is a deep plum purple.

If you have:

Ombré or balayage hair, and you’re using a For Brown Hair shade, try putting the Coloring Conditioner on your natural hair, and a diluted combination on your lightened sections for a more subtle transition. Diluted Purple for Brown Hair gives a nice plum color to lightened ends.

The moral of the story:

If you have a shade of Coloring Conditioner that’s a little more vibrant than you were going for, stir in some Remedy! Grab a bowl and a spoon, and you’re ready to create your custom shade.

Ready to customize your hair color? Grab your favorite shade + The Remedy, and get to mixing:

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