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How To Create Custom Hair Color: Brunch Punch

Got your eye on the new Brunch Punch custom hair color kit from our Mixology Collection? We do too. And we’ve created a quick guide to help you master the custom color process and achieve a new bubbly pink hue without any worries or stress.

How To Mix The Brunch Punch Kit 

 It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click below to watch a quick tutorial and learn how to mix up your cocktail-inspired hair color in minutes. 

Take a Few Minutes To Prep For Mess-Free Success

Like any color-depositing conditioner or hair dye, oVertone Coloring Conditioners contain pigment. And that means they can leave pesky stains. But the good news is that it only takes a few minutes to avoid it. 

  • Cover your counters and sink with plastic or an oversized towel
  • Throw on a black shirt or wrap a black towel around your shoulders to keep color off your shoulders and clothes. 
  • Wear gloves while coloring your hair to avoid temporary pink stains on your hands. 

Apply Your Custom Color Like A Pro

  1. Section hair into 4-6 segments and secure with a duckbill or crocodile clip. 
  1. Apply to clean dry hair, one segment at a time. Make sure to thoroughly saturate every strand for best results (the wetter, the better) and run a wide tooth comb through your hair to distribute color evenly. 
  1. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and style as usual. That’s it! 
before and after of person with light pink dip dye on blonde curled hair

Customize Your Custom Color

Want a cooler, smoky-toned pink? No problem. Just add more Pastel Silver and adjust your ratio like this: 2 parts Pastel Silver : 1 part Magenta : 1 part Rose Gold

Starting with a cool-toned blonde but want warmer pink results? Just add more Magenta and adjust your ratio to be: 2 parts Magenta : 1 part Pastel Silver : 1 part Rose Gold

Want Pastel Brunch Punch? Dilute your color with a white conditioner like The Remedy. Mix your kit as recommended and dilute with conditioner. Start with: 2 parts Brunch Punch : 1 part conditioner. Then, do a strand test, see how it looks and adjust if needed.

Pro Tips for Achieving & Maintaining Your Cheers-Worthy Color 

Test it out first. We strongly recommend doing a strand test before you apply any kind of hair dye or hair color. Not sure how to? Read this.

Clarify before you color. Wash your hair with a clarifying cleanser like The Fader Shampoo to remove any oil, buildup or dirt before you apply color. 

Skip the conditioner. Conditioning before you color creates an extra barrier between your strands and the hair color itself, which can make it harder for the pigment to stick. 

Skip the sulfates. After you’ve achieved your ideal shade, say no to shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates. They’ll cause your color to fade faster, and let’s be honest, they’re just not good for your hair. 


oVertone Brunch Punch pink hair color on platinum blonde hair and medium blonde hair
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