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4 Steps to All Day Supermodel Hair

This voluminous, please-brush-your-fingers-through-me supermodel hair is surprisingly quick and easy to achieve. If you can work a curling iron and tie a loop, you can do it! Today we’ll show you how in four steps. You’ll be sashaying and hair flipping in no time.

Start with clean, blow dried hair. If you’re concerned about additional heat damage and have naturally straight hair, you can skip the blow dry. If you hair is naturally curly or wavy, like Maegan’s, at least blow dry the roots so you don’t get any weird kinks. This curling and setting method is also a really great way to get a glamorous blowout without having to use a round brush on fragile wet locks while blow drying, which can be especially harmful to hair that has been damaged by bleaching, coloring, and all those other lovely things we do. Just SAY NO to breakage!

Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • A 2″ to 2 1/2″ curling iron
  • Duck bill clips*
  • Heat protective hairspray**
  • A paddle brush

*A note on duck bill clips: Many stores sell what are referred to as ‘pin clips’ for this purpose. Pin clips are much smaller, shorter, and don’t hold as much hair as duck bill clips do. If your hair is at least medium length and/or relatively thick, go for duck bill clips.

**Another note, this time for hairspray: We really love this Paul Mitchell ‘Hot Off The Press’ hairspray. It is some of the best medium hold stuff we’ve ever tried, and works particularly well if you spray it around in your hair before going through it with a curling iron. We first learned about it via YouTube from Cherry Dollface. (Check out her amazing retro hair tutorials on her channel here.)

Onward! You now have clean hair and supplies, yes?

Firstly – a short discussion on practicing safe styling.

Before you start any heat styling tutorial, spray in a heat protective hairspray throughout your hair and brush it through. This will make the style hold better and, BONUS, prevents damage.

Step 1: Top Section

Section your hair from either side of your forehead (or as wide as your bangs), straight back to the crown of your head to form a rectangle. Clip the rest of your hair back and out of the way. Brush out the ends of the free section with a paddle brush to get rid of any existing tangles.

Starting from the back and working forward, curl 1″ thick sections. Hold the curling iron in your hair until you can feel significant heat on the outside of the wrapped hair.

Once each section is finished heating, carefully remove the curling iron. While the strand is still hot, loop the end in to a small circle and continue winding the loop to the base of the hair. We want the curls for this section to be facing toward the back of your head. Pin the curl with a duck bill clip and move to the next piece. You’ve officially completed the most difficult part of this!

Don’t worry if your curls don’t look Stepford-style perfect once they’re pinned. As long as they’re wrapped up and staying put while they cool, you’re in good shape.

Step 2: Side Sections

Now that the top section is finished, section each side by drawing a rectangle from either ear back parallel to the crown of your head and up to make a rectangle. Clip the back section out of the way, and brush through the ends of the side sections.

Starting from the back, make vertical sections 1″ to 2″ thick and curl using the same method. The curls for this section should be rolled down toward your shoulders.

Once you’ve made it to the front of your head, switch things up. Curl the piece closest to your face diagonally down toward your chin. This will give you a nice face framing curl on each side.

Step 3: Back Section (AKA The Great Unknown)

The back section is always slightly more difficult because you can’t really see what you’re doing. That’s why we leave it for last! By now you’re in a semi-professional loop-twirling groove, right?

Split the back of your hair vertically in to two sections and start curling! Twist the curls in this section down toward your neck. Depending on the length of your hair, you’ll want to twist the two curls at the base of your neck in to tighter loops than the rest so they stay solidly pinned.

Now, take a wine break!

Or, do whatever you want to do while your hair cools down. You can do your makeup, cook breakfast, read a book, or host a very short dance party. At the oVertone office, we prefer wine breaks for this purpose. Our wine pairing for this tutorial is a really yummy Beaujolais.

Step 4: Shake It

Take all the pins out of your hair and shake it out! Take your paddle brush and gently brush the curls under to remove the separation between them.

Spray all over one more time and you are done! Head outside and show of your beautiful tresses.

Got an awesome success with this tutorial? Tweet us that shit! We want to see it.

You can find us at @oVertoneColor.

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2 comments on “4 Steps to All Day Supermodel Hair”

  • Stephanie says:

    Fantastic tutorial! And the color!!!! Heart eyes for days! What’s the oVertone used?!

  • Kristine Michelle Cherry says:

    My hair has to grow up a bit but I am def going to try this. I cant wait. I had a pixie for a few years and now I am working on growing it out. Its to my Chin. I might even try this one. Might look great!

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