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The Hair Gift Guide

Shopping season is officially underway! As much fun as it is to secure the perfect gift, the anxiety that goes with having no clue what to buy is zero fun. Since we understand the struggle, we’ve put together the ultimate hair gift guide for every personality type in your life. 

Instead of needing to know what they want, simply find the description that matches them best, and poof! Check them off your gift list and consider it done.

If They Are: The Introverted Extrovert 

Introverted Extroverts like to make a statement, but also keep it subtle. That’s why we think the perfect product for their personality is:

Purple & Red For Brown Complete Systems 

Color that has something to say, but doesn’t make a huge deal about it.. 

If They Are: The Life of the Party

You know that person that can talk to anyone? The person who gets every event going? They are the Life of the Party, and their perfect product is: 

Original Rose Gold or Rose Gold For Brown Hair

A color that’s in its own category, just like them.   

If They Are: The Low-Maintenance One

If your pal is the person that always looks effortlessly perfect, they might just be the Low-Maintenance One. Since they only really see the inside of a salon every 6 months (or possibly never), their perfect product is: 

Basics Daily Conditioners

Basics Daily Conditioners

Low-key, easy to keep shades  for friends who want their hair to look great without much effort.  

If They Are: The Purist

Have a friend that’s not really looking for the commitment of color? We get it. They fall under the category of The Purist, and because they just want naturally healthy hair, their perfect product is: 

The Remedy or The Remedy For Fine Hair

A deep conditioning hair mask that leaves hair healthy, silky, and smooth.

Ready to get some of your shopping done? Perfect! And if you know someone that doesn’t necessarily fall into one of these categories, that’s ok! We’ve got colors on either end of the spectrum, and everywhere in between. If you happen to be looking for something for yourself (we won’t tell.)

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