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oVertone vs Traditional Dye. What’s The Difference?

oVertone is a Coloring Conditioner, not a dye. Now that we’ve covered that super important piece of information, let’s move onto the things that make them different. While on the surface, they are both products with the same goal (hair color) the way they achieve that goal is very different. And while we’re not here to be jerks about it, oVertone helps you achieve the hair color of your dreams without the harsh chemicals that dyes use. 

What else makes us different from dye?

How Dyes Work:

Hair dye uses a mixture of pigments and developers, which contain hydrogen peroxide. Hair dyes also contain ammonia, which forces the cuticle of your hair open so that the dye can deposit color—this is what makes the color permanent. When the cuticle is chemically forced open, hair becomes damaged and dry,  which makes it less shiny and healthy. The more often dye is placed on your strands, the more damaged your hair becomes.

How Our Coloring Conditioners Work:

Our Coloring Conditioners deposit color onto the hair strands. We use colored pigments blended with hair-healthy conditioners to lay on top of the hair strand—a process that protects, hydrates, and adds shine and color. This is a non-damaging process, but, it’s also not permanent. Our Coloring Conditioners are also completely free of the chemicals that force the cuticle of your hair to open, which means zero-damage and healthier hair every time you color.

So, in summary:

Dyes = damaging chemical-based hair color

Coloring Conditioners = gentle, shine-enhancing, semi-permanent color

Pretty easy decision, right? Now for the not-so-easy decision of choosing a shade.

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