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Brighten Up Your Balayage

Balayage and highlights are the perfect way to add dimension to your hair, but even highlighted hair needs a pick-me-up sometimes. Whether you want to brighten things up or add a pop of color to your pre-lightened strands, you can skip the salon and reach for oVertone to get head-turning results at home.

Get high-voltage highlights

One major benefit of having blonde or caramel highlights is all the color options available to you. Best of all, when you experiment with vibrant, fantasy shades with oVertone you won’t be damaging your hair. From Magenta to Green and everything in between, we have all the colors you could ever want to try.

Go for the bold

Balayage hair is the perfect canvas to create a colorful ombre look with oVertone! Pick any one of our Coloring Conditioners you like and apply to clean, dry hair section by section, saturating thoroughly. Let the conditioner sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse your hair, and voila! You’ll be left with a look that’s uniquely you and easy to maintain. 

If you want to keep your natural color up top and add a subtle hue to your lightened strands, reach for a Pastel shade — these are our least-pigmented conditioners, and visible color will only show in light to platinum blonde strands. Applying one all over will give you all of oVertone’s hydrating, conditioning benefits, and leave you with subtle color only in your highlights. 

If all-over color is your jam, reach for an Extreme shade instead. These will give you one-step multidimensional color: a subtle tint on your darker strands and vivid, head-turning hues on your lightened pieces!

Frame your face

The multi-dimensional color that balayage and highlights add to hair helps frame your face. Now think about what a change in shades can do. Whether you try an unexpected hue or go with something a little more subdued, you can’t go wrong with strategically placed color that highlights your fabulous face.

Tone it up

And if you just want to refresh your highlights or balayage, pick up our Toning Conditioners to keep your hair looking like you just stepped out of your stylist’s chair! 

Use our Purple Toning Conditioner to rinse away yellowish tones and brighten up blonde, silver hair or naturally gray hair. 

Use our Blue Toning Conditioner to neutralize orange, brassy undertones and cool down warm-toned browns.

Want to learn more about toning and choosing the right one for your hair? Read this!

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