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Daily Conditioner Vs Deep Treatment: What Should I Use?

Question of the week: When choosing an oVertone conditioner, which one is right for you? Should you pick the Daily Conditioner, or the Deep Treatment, or both?

Let’s tackle this first:

What’s the difference between the Daily Conditioner and Deep Treatment?

The oVertone Daily Conditioner is meant to be just that – a daily conditioner. Use it whenever you shampoo or rinse your hair to replace the color you’re washing down the drain. It’s a great choice if you have oily hair or you don’t like heavy conditioners.

Our Deep Treatment is meant to be used as often you would use a hair mask. Soak it in whenever your hair feels dry or faded. This tends to be a favorite of those with damaged or bleached hair.

The difference between them is similar to the difference between a daily face moisturizer and a heavy night mask. You don’t expect the daily moisturizer to do the job of a mask – they serve different purposes.

Do the Deep Treatment formulas contain more color than the Daily Conditioner formulas?

Yes. Deep Treatment has extra hydrating ingredients and an extra pop of bright color.

Can I color my hair with the Daily Conditioner?

It’s possible, but we don’t recommend it unless you’re going for a very pale shade. Daily Conditioners are designed to replace color as you shampoo, not to color your hair.

What should I use if I want to add color to my natural hair?

We recommend that you use Deep Treatment in the color and intensity that you want until you are happy with the amount of color deposited. From there, switch to using the Daily Conditioner and sub in the Deep Treatment whenever you need a color or moisture boost.

Can I stop dying my hair altogether if I use oVertone?

It depends on the color of your hair. If you are just adding color on top of your natural color – yes. But remember, oVertone conditioners only deposit color. They don’t lift or lighten your hair, so if your roots grow in darker than the rest of your hair, you’ll still have to lighten them.

How can I keep my hair as bright as possible using oVertone?

For maximum brightness, we recommend using our Daily Conditioner on a regular basis and subbing in Deep Treatment about once a week.

How long will my hair stay bright with oVertone?

As long as you continue using the oVertone conditioners, your hair will stay bright.

Can I use Deep Treatment as a daily conditioner?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that Deep Treatment is very hydrating. If you have healthy, fine to medium texture hair, you may find that daily use of the Deep Treatments is too heavy. If you are looking to add additional color but prefer a lighter conditioner, try the Extreme Daily Conditioner in your shade.

Can I use the Daily Conditioner without using Deep Treatment once a week?

Absolutely. Deep Treatment is an optional supplement that we recommend because of its hydrating, brightening goodness, but you can certainly use the Daily Conditioner on its only.

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4 comments on “Daily Conditioner Vs Deep Treatment: What Should I Use?”

  • riley says:

    hi! i have medium-dark blonde natural ombré hair, and i really want a temporary grey color. no other grey dyes have worked for me, and i absolutely do not want to bleach my hair, so do you think just the daily conditioner (extreme silver) will provide a temporary color?

    • Chanelle Leslie says:

      Hey Riley!

      Silvers can be tricky, especially on multi-toned blonde strands!

      No worries, though – our Color Consultants at totally have your back! Send them a pic of your current hair and some inspo pics of your silvery dreams for personalized advice!

      Check out this blog post all about Silver hair:

      oVertone Deep Treatments will add color to your hair on your first application, but we didn’t design it just to be a one-time hair color treatment. The Deep Treatment is the best way to add color and the Daily Conditioner is meant to help you maintain your goal shade!

      As soon as you stop using our conditioners, your hair will start to fade. How fast it fades will depend on many factors, like the health and natural texture of your hair, how often you wash it, how much time you spend outside, etc.

      There are a few things you can do to help fade your hair fast and safely. Check out this blog post on how to fade your color:

      Let us know if you have any questions – we’re here to help.

      oVer to you💓🍒🌹

      • Deb Sabino says:

        I have let my hair go naturally grey and it is mainly white with some light platinum streaks. I purchased your Rose Gold deep treatment. My hair is very healthy so how deep will the result be. I am trying to achieve a subtle rose gold tone at 57 yrs old. 🙂

        • Alee says:

          Hey Deb, results on natural gray hair can be tough to predict, since the strand structure of grays can vary a lot! Definitely do a strand test to see how the Rose Gold works in your hair – if you have any more questions, definitely email our Color Consultants at!

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