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The Basics of Changing Your Hair Color

Thinking about changing your hair color? Here’s what you should know first.

Consider the color wheel:

The least damaging way to change your color is to move ALONG the color wheel instead of ACROSS the color wheel.  Look to your color neighbors for a smooth transition!

Here’s a little clip to explain which colors you can consider for various tones of hair:

Going darker?

It will always be easier, and healthier for your strands, to go darker and deeper.  For example, if you transition from Pastel Pink to Vibrant Purple, you won’t have to lighten or bleach your hair at all!  Simply fade out the Pastel Pink a little, and a few washes later, layer on the Vibrant Purple. Expect your color to be tinted with the hue that’s underneath: for instance, Vibrant Purple applied over Pastel Pink would be a warmer purple than Vibrant Purple on neutral blonde hair.

Going lighter?

If instead you want to go from Vibrant Purple to Pastel Pink, it will require a little more work. You begin by fading out the Vibrant Purple as best as you can, and once your strands are blonde again you’ll be able to use Pastel Pink. You can either use these tips on fading, you may still need to see a pro for a round of bleach to if you can’t wait or just to make sure you get that perfect pastel color.

What happens if you want to transition between colors without fading at all?

If you want to transition between two colors without fading, you certainly can!  For example, if you have Extreme Teal hair, but want Extreme Blue, you can simply stop using Extreme Teal and begin applying Extreme Blue!  Slowly, you’ll see your color transition to the purple end of the spectrum. HOWEVER, there is something you need to know: If you choose this method, your hair will likely never be the true to color Extreme Blue, and will likely always have a Extreme Teal undertone.  You will likely not get to a true-color-on-platinum-hair shade.

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One comment on “The Basics of Changing Your Hair Color”

  • Amanda Drew says:

    Thanks for pointing out that it will always be healthier for your hair to go darker rather than lighter. I want to switch it up for fun. I’ve had the same color of brown hair my whole life, and I am ready for a change. Your tips should really help me figure it out. I think that I’ll find a stylist to go to just because it’ll be my first time switching the color.

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