how to use oVertone

How to Tone Brassy Blonde Hair

Toning on your own can be a little frustrating. It’s important to get the right amount of color on your hair for a particular amount of time – and there’s KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

How to Section Your Hair

Multi-colored hair doesn’t have to be a a nightmare to maintain. Once you have oVertone in the right shades for you, all you have to do is section to ensure KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

oVertone 101: How to Ombre with oVertone

Not quite ready to commit to a full head of color? We get it, the first time can be scary.  Dip your toe in with an ombre instead.  All you KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

How to Color Your Hair with oVertone Deep Treatment

Using just the Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment, our model was able to go from honey blonde to a true amethyst. Watch the video to see how it’s done, or view KEEP READING

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Why Heat Helps oVertone Work

Any opportunity to make my color brighter, I take it. Which is why, when I heard of this magic trick to make my color more mermaid-y than ever, I jumped KEEP READING