how to use oVertone

Henna and oVertone

We couldn’t believe our luck when we got a quick email request from friend and Tribal Fusion dancer Sophia Ravenna offering up her hair for some oVertone testing. As you KEEP READING

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Dutch Braid Tuck Updo

This updo is perfect for lazy days, or any time you need something super quick to get you out the door. It as easy as french braiding your hair, and KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

How ( And When ) To Use oVertone

We’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about how oVertone works, what it’s used for, and how long the color lasts. In a nutshell, oVertone is a line of color KEEP READING

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How Sulfates Mess With Your Colored Hair

There has been a lot of controversy mulling around lately about sulfates – particularly in your shampoo. Have you noticed those little labels on your bottle that say ‘sulfate free’? KEEP READING

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Easy Asymmetrical Victory Roll

We are big lovers of vintage hairstyles around here. Victory rolls are one of the most popular, and really fun to play with. Two rolls is a classic style, but KEEP READING