how to use oVertone

How to Section Your Hair

Multi-colored hair doesn’t have to be a a nightmare to maintain. Once you have oVertone in the right shades for you, all you have to do is section to ensure KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

Daily Conditioner Vs Deep Treatment: What Should I Use?

Question of the week: When choosing an oVertone conditioner, which one is right for you? Should you pick the Daily Conditioner, or the Deep Treatment, or both? Let’s tackle this KEEP READING

who we are

So who made our new poster, anyway? Meet Millie Sander, Graphic Designer.

If you’ve received an order in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that it now includes a gorgeous new poster with a quiz on the back – we know you secretly love flow chart KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

oVertone 101: How to Ombre with oVertone

Not quite ready to commit to a full head of color? We get it, the first time can be scary.  Dip your toe in with an ombre instead.  All you KEEP READING

hair science

How to Protect Colored Hair When Swimming

Strip down for a skinny dip? Yes please. Stripped color? No thanks. For those of us who dig water in the summer, it can be tough on our hair.  What’s KEEP READING