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Scared of Stains? Here’s What You Should Know.

If you’ve ever used hair color at home before, then you know that the best products with the most pigment can leave their marks around your bathroom if you’re not careful. After all, if a bright color isn’t prone to staining, then it probably isn’t formulated with enough pigment. We’ve gathered a few tips on…


plumberry kit on platinum blonde strand test

How We Make Our Strand Tests

If you’ve browsed our product pages before, you’ve probably seen our strand tests and wondered if they’re true to real life. The answer? Always. Here’s why:   1. Each product is swatched on various shades of human hair. The lighter the shade, the more it has been bleached (and the more porous it is). This…


What’s Wrong With Making DIY Color Conditioner?

Why couldn’t you just make your own dye-conditioner cocktail instead of buying oVertone? Well, you could, but you could also bleach your own hair – and there’s a reason most people don’t. Let’s get real, before we had oVertone we made our own DIY color conditioner too, but the breakage and splotchiness are just a…


How to Do Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are a fantastic low-maintenance way to blend dark regrowth with your lighter ends, or to add dimension to your color. And they’re really not as difficult as they may seem: simply color your roots first, then your ends, then blend. Chanelle started with wet hair, since this is the way she usually maintains…